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Integrated Print Solutions, L.C. (IPS,L.C.) is a host to LAN solutions provider. IPS' success has been built on the ability to effectively provide our clients with state-of-the-art technology and the highest standards of customer care. Our available product lines are designed to maximize our customer effectiveness and profitability. We provide sales and marketing, as well as technical support for the customers of these technologically advanced products throughout North America.


OnePrint G2 for Windows®

OnePrint G2 for Windows the IPDS printing serverOnePrint G2 is the second generation of the powerful and versatile server-based print management platform that enables Mainframe and/or Midrange print job distribution over TCP/IP to any printer in a Windows® environment. Mainframe and AS/400 host printing to impact printers, HP LaserJets and other PCL devices. The OnePrint product line gives networked printers the ability to print Legacy document generated in the Host system.


Mainframe and AS/400 host printing to any LAN printers (laser and impact printers). The OnePrint enables networked printers the ability to print Legacy documents.

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OnePrint Green IPDS Printing Solutions

OnePrint products are truly "green" platforms eliminating unnecessary paper waste and labor intensive monitoring procedures.

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