Creating a TCP/IP-Attached IPDS Printer in iSeries for OnePrint Connection
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This document describes how to create a TCP/IP IPDS printer device on iSeries (OS/400 - V3R7 and highier).

The OnePrint server/client is a software protocol converter you can use to communicate between PSF/400 and a LAN printer. Using the OnePrint, you can print from the PSF/400 on any LAN printers anywhere in the enterprise network.

Configuring PSF with CRTDEVPRT (Create Device Printer) - Sample Configuration Descriptions for the OnePrint server/client

There are two ways to create the device using iSeries command line or, menu driven wizard:

1. iSeries command line. Enter a command in the form:




2. iSeries menu driven wizard. At the command line type CRTDEVPRT press enter and type-in values for the following parameters:

Device Description (DEVD)

  • Enter a device description or name (in the example OneP).

Device Class (DEVCLS)

  • Specify *LAN.

Device Type (TYPE)

  • Specify *IPDS.

Device Model (MODEL)

  • Specify 0.

LAN attachment (LANATTACH)

  • Specify *IP.

Port Number (PORT)

  • Specify 5001, which is the first available port number.

Font (FONT)

  • Enter 011.

Form Feed (FORMFEED)

  • Specify *AUTOCUT.

Activation timer (ACTTMR)

  • This value specifies the number of seconds that PSF/400 waits for a printer to respond to an activation request. If only one system will be using the printer, use the default value (170 seconds). If more than one system will be using the printer, specify *NOMAX, which will cause PSF/400 to wait indefinitely for a response to an activation request.

Remote Location (RMTLOCNAME)

  • Enter the IP address or hostname (DHCP/DNS ¬†name) of the OnePrint server/client (in the example ''')
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