internet OnePrint Solution for iSeries

iOPS consists of client and host side components:

  • OnePrint internet Enabler (OPiE), is a software library that loads and resides on the iSeries platform.
  • OnePrint Client Express (OPCE) resides on the remote user’s PC, laptop or workstation. The remote user only needs an Internet connection, any TN5250 emulation software, and authorization to connect to an iSeries system.

When the remote user logs-on the system the OPiE automatically creates a unique IPDS printer definition. The printer definition is mapped to the IP address of the user’s Internet connection. The user is prompted with the newly created Printer ID.

OPCE software, running in the background of the remote workstation, receives and converts the print job for printing on a local or network-attached printer (laser, impact or inkjet). Once the session is closed, the printer definition is removed from the host system, ensuring the security of proprietary documents while allowing safe access to company software. iOPS functions under OS/400 V4R4 or higher with Print Services Facility (PSF).

Key Benefits

  • iOPS is the only available solution that genuinely enhances the business productivity of telecomuter users by permitting them to create reports, charts, graphs, forms and other mission- critical output from their organization.
  • iOPS solves numerous operational problems for mid-sized companies that need to give employees a secure method to manage and print proprietary documents.

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